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How to Switch from Thunderbird to Outlook? [Solved]

This blog post will discuss the various methods you can use to transition from Thunderbird to Outlook. We'll explore the methods for transferring emails and contacts.

Different Email Formats

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most widely used email clients in the world, with millions of users. It is a cross-platform program that runs on Windows systems. Thunderbird includes a variety of functions, including the ability to simultaneously manage several email accounts and effective message filtering. Extensions and add-ons can help to further improve its capabilities. As a result, Thunderbird is versatile, adaptable, and practical to use.

The emails will all seem the same on each email client, no matter which one you use.

The file format in which these emails are kept, however, may completely change in the backend. Data saved by Thunderbird is in MBOX format, which Outlook cannot open. In actuality, SBD folders are used by Thunderbird to organize files hierarchically. And the Outlook PST format does not support it either. Additionally, none of these email programs offer any kind of built-in conversion functionality for mailbox formats that differ across them.

In any email conversion scenario, the goal is to choose the approach like Advik MBOX to PST Converter that works best for you rather than the approach that is best overall.

Finding & Extraction of Thunderbird's Data Files

Understanding where your emails are kept is the most important step to take in an email migration situation. To find all of Thunderbird's data files, perform the following steps:

  1. Utilize Mozilla Thunderbird

  2. Tools will appear in the menu bar.

  3. Select the Server Settings tab by clicking Account Settings.

  4. Locate the necessary route in the Local Directory section by scrolling down.

You can find the account information you require in the email account's server settings. The necessary MBOX files (files without an extension) can be found here, along with SBD folders holding additional MBOX files. For now, keep this route in mind.

Import contacts from Thunderbird into Outlook

The requirement for your attention is not limited to emails while switching from Thunderbird to Outlook. The contacts you have saved in your address book are equally significant. In fact, we'll move the contacts first for this same reason. Fortunately, this procedure is simple and doesn't call for any special mediator software or instruments. The detailed instructions are as follows:

  1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird and select Address Book from the menu.

  2. Hit the Export button after choosing Tools from the menu bar.

  3. Select the directory where you want to save the contacts, and make sure the Comma Separated Values file type is chosen.

  4. Open Outlook once the contacts have been saved.

  5. From the menu bar, select File, then Open and Import/Export.

  6. Go to the next window by selecting Import from another program or file.

  7. Here, choose the CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format (Windows)

  8. Locate and import the file that MS Outlook previously exported

  9. According to your needs, select the "duplicate contacts" option from the list.

  10. The Outlook destination folder should be chosen (selecting Contacts is recommended)

  11. Once the CSV file's contents have been mapped to their Outlook equivalents, click the Finish button.

You can import all of your contact lists from Thunderbird to Outlook using this method. Keep in mind that this approach will necessitate repeating stages for additional CSV files.

How to Migrate Emails from Thunderbird to Outlook?

There are various ways to convert from Thunderbird to Outlook. Each has advantages of its own. While some of these techniques are free, others are equally intricate and labor-intensive. While others demand the procurement of specialist tools for a seamless and speedy process. Which strategy is right for you ultimately rely on your demands and requirements.

Method 1. Expert Solution to Convert MBOX Emails to PST File Format

The first option is an expert converter for transferring data from Thunderbird to Outlook.

Comparisons with different methods lead to the same conclusion: the most dependable and effective way to transition from Thunderbird to Outlook is to use a specialized conversion program. These tools directly convert the Thunderbird data into PST format, replacing the mediator file EML. Typically, when selecting such software, you should place a priority on quality and accuracy. Software is easier to operate the more user-friendly it is.

The multiformat Advik MBOX to PST Converter has an impressive conversion speed and a rich feature set. It may adjust to your needs by giving you two initial scanning options.

The capacity to recognize all Thunderbird profile data automatically without requiring the addition of its MBOX files, the capacity to automatically detect all Thunderbird profile information.

Additionally, you can add the MBOX files if you need to, thanks to the tool's versatile import feature. The utility also enables batch and selective conversion, in addition to this. Additionally, the UI even offers a full preview of emails and attachments. It creates PST files of the Unicode kind so you may import them into any version of Outlook (both 32-bit and 64-bit). It is a well-rounded, reasonably priced program that maintains the organisational structure of Thunderbird while maintaining the integrity of the email.

Method 2. Manual Conversion of Thunderbird to Outlook

You can convert a few Thunderbird emails manually if your needs are limited to that. Simply launch the Thunderbird application, find the mailbox folder containing the emails you want to move, and begin dragging and dropping them onto a desktop folder to use this method.

These emails will be saved as EML files automatically. Using the Ctrl+A key combination, you can save every message from the mailbox file, or you can use the Shift key combination to save only specific data. Another option is to right-click on the selected files and select Save As.

You must now drag the EML files into the Outlook interface after they have been saved. Fortunately, EML files can be read by Outlook 2010 and the previous versions. To do this, drag and drop all of the EML files into the Outlook window. To ensure a successful import, place them in the center panel. Keep in mind that this approach requires time and can change the integrity of emails.

Keep in mind that this process takes a long time to complete and can change the integrity of the email. as the files utilized are in EML format rather than PST, which is the main issue when migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook.


Although the manual approach can be used to migrate Thunderbird contacts, it fails miserably when it comes to migrating emails. The use of a mediator file format and the incompatibility of the email data files can make the process time-consuming, laborious, and dangerous. Consequently, migrating from Thunderbird to Outlook requires total automation. The suggested technique will not only significantly reduce conversion time, but will also maintain the originality of the emails by maintaining all of their properties without data loss.

  • Contarino Rosario
  • Nov 22 2022
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